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Mantunsci was established in September 2013, having devoted over eight years to the research and development of digital miniature circuit breakers and their accompanying cloud services, innovatively integrating AIoT, cloud computing, and digital miniature circuit breakers. The company boasts 189 patents and software copyrights.

As a National High-tech Enterprise, a National "Little Giant" specialized, sophisticated, unique, and innovative enterprise, a Top 100 Innovation Enterprise in Shenzhen, and a Guangdong Provincial Specialized, Focused, Innovative, and Novel Enterprise, Mandun Technology is committed to enhancing electrical safety through AI analysis and big data computations, optimizing power efficiency, and empowering energy management on the user side. It fully supports the construction of digital new infrastructure and the dual-carbon economy.

The founder of Mandun Technology, Liu Kui, is an awardee of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award, an outstanding figure in innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and has previously served as the Board Director and General Manager of a state-owned enterprise as well as the China Region General Manager for a multinational corporation.


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