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Recruitment principle

1. This distributor is authorized only for potential partners with long-term stable project resources. If your application is a one-time purchase,

please contact with our company's product procurement support hotline: 400-826-0688, we will arrange for local agents to contact you as soon as possible.

2. At present, our company can accept the application of personal cooperation of non entity enterprises. No entry fee, set sales target.
3. For customers who do not have the experience of the electrical industry, we may give consideration, but the requirements will be more stringent.
4. To the customers who have certain experiences, our exclusive agent for the minimum requirements for annual sales of 100-200 million (intelligent break products). Depending on the specific circumstances of the region.
5. For the purchase of individual large enterprises, the project will be given  the temporary customer authorization. Only when the project procurement can have a long-term, stable characteristics will be considered to give the agency qualification authorization.
6. If you are to comply with the above requirements, please make a brief introduction ( main business, your electrical industry background, whether it has industry resources, at present, the total sales of sales related brand in the industry and  can achieve Mantunsci sales expectations etc.).
7. At present, our company would not authorization to the customers  that the mode of network distribution.

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