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iMCB Senior R & D Engineer  1 person

1 electrical technology, industrial electrical automation and other related professional,

2 master degree or above,

3 under the age of 40,

4 Five years working experience in circuit breaker research and design.

Maintenance Engineer of the Server 1 person

1 major in computer science, information technology or related,

2 Bachelor degree or above,

3 under the age of 35,

4 more than one year experience in software design or server maintenance.

Structural design engineer  2 persons

1 major in mold design,

2 Bachelor degree or above,

3 under the age of 35,

4 at least three years experience in mold design.

Technician for testing 20 persons

1 electrical technology, electronics and other professional,

2 technical secondary school or above;

3 under the age of 35;

4 at least three years working experience in electronic circuit testing or maintenance;

Please send your resume to Mantunsci HR:2968004917@qq.com

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