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Shenzhen Mantunsci Technology Co., Ltd. (Mantunsci)

Founded in September 2013, Shenzhen Mantunsci Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of user-side smart power security products and the construction of smart energy service big data cloud platform. Based on artificial intelligence technology, it greatly enhances the life safety of people when they are electrocuted. Electrical fire warning and prevention levels. Operation of the Internet of Things and big data technology to achieve user-side smart energy services and energy management.

Mantunsci Technology is the standard weaving unit for smart micro-break products in China's energy industry. The company's Mantunsci Internet of Things is open, the world's first, with 39 professional and software copyrights. In the iMCB field, the world's first through China. 3C certification and EU CE certification, obtained 5 million product liability insurance for PICC.

The company cooperates with many famous domestic and international scientific research institutions to carry out strategic and forward-looking research on electrical safety technology, and shoulders the mission of letting electricity no longer harm human beings.

July 2014 - Mantunsci set up an intelligent open research and development center in China, which has nearly 50 electrical technology experts and researchers working in European famous companies and well-known Chinese technology companies.

August 2015 - Mantunsci set up an intelligent open production base with an annual production capacity of 1 million sets in Shenzhen, and established a test center and user experience center with many safety tests such as high current experiment, leakage test, load test and high temperature test.

June 2016 - Mantunsci S208 series intelligently opened in China National Grid project - "Shanghai Power Youth Apartment", China Power Information Service Enterprise - "Langxin Technology Jiaxing New Energy Management Center Office Building", and other residential and office The project was successfully installed and put into use.

December 2016 - Mantunsci S208 series intelligent air-opening and its peripheral equipment passed the European CE certification and was approved to enter the European and Southeast Asian project application market.

March 2017 - Mantunsci wisdom is open to China Insurance's 5 million product liability insurance underwriting.

April 2017 - Mantunsci S208 wisdom opened smoothly through China 3C certification testing.

May 2017 - Mantunsci was awarded the first 3C certificate in the field of wisdom and openness of China CQC Center.

July 2017 - Mantunsci established the Mantunsci Smart Power Experience Center in Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Xi'an, Huainan, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Zhongshan and Chengdu.

From March 2018 - Mantunsci has participated in various national fairs or furniture fairs. Counting: The 28th China International Smart Home Show, China Electronic Information Expo, China International Fire Equipment Technology Exhibition, Shanghai International Smart Home Show, the 20th High-Tech Fair, and so on.

May 2018 -  Mantunsci Smart Micro-S3 series and its peripheral equipment passed the European CE certification and was allowed to enter the European and Southeast Asian project application market.

July 2018 -  Mantunsci Technology S3 series IoT circuit breaker successfully passed China's national compulsory certification.

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